Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Top 5 Christmas Films!

Well the Christmas season has begun and of course I have pulled out all our xmas DVDs to start watching. But I do have certain favourites that I can never get enough of.....

So today I am going to share with you my top 5 Christmas flicks:

1. The Snowman ever since I can remember my mummy would put this film on every Christmas and it is a tradition that hasn't changed. This film is absolutely beautiful and my kids love it even though it has no words just gorgeous music. The kids follow the story and yep mummy cries everytime.........
2. Love Actually Now this film has EVERYTHING, laughs, loads of great actors, romance, christmas and dramas.....such a great flick and I fall more in love with the characters and the storyline every time I watch it.....including the over aged rock star haha!

3. Home Alone this one is one of my kids ultimate favourite movies and i'm so glad! this movie just plain rocks! how cute is Macauley Culkin? and the film is just hilarious and clever! add a great soundtrack and christmas and I don't need to say anymore :D

4. Miracle on 34th Street This one is pure sweetness. I love movies where people learn to believe....and this one is perfect! cuteness all around from little Mara Wilson and even Mr Dylan McDermott (yum) hehe......watch this once and you'll be a believer for life just like me :P

5. The Holiday now The Holiday I love because everyone deserves some love at christmas and this film shows that true love is out there.....absolutely gorgeous and I get some eye candy with Jude Law who is absolutely gorgeous in this one. There are giggles to be had and tears to cry which is why this one makes my top 5.....I always watch this one more than once during the Christmas season....

Ok so that is my top 5 favourite Christmas movies.......If you haven't seen them I suggest you organise some movie nights and head out and hire these to kick start your Christmas season. Grab some popcorn and maybe some mince pies covered in brand custard and ENJOY!

Liane xx

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