Sunday, August 2, 2015

Girls Date at HarbourTown Adelaide

Today I went on a shopping trip with one of my besties from work and my sister for her last day in Australia before she flies home tomorrow. We decided to go and have a girly day at Harbour Town in Adelaide and it was a great day out. We walked the whole of Harbour Town and stopped for lunch at Subway in the middle. 

I thought I would share with you all the items I purchased from today, I didn't spend a lot but I got quite a few goodies. I was on a budget this week after our big trip to Melbourne so I didn't go overboard. Just some little treats to spoil myself while I have a couple of days off work.  

The first shop I stopped and shopped in was Typo. Typo is one of my favourite shops for stationery. I love their funny little sayings and their super funky/hipster items. Today I was in search for a new financial year diary. I love to get my diaries in the financial year instead of the start of the year. I have no idea why I just always like it that way. This little green diary was only $7 on sale (originally $14.99) and I love it! It is small enough for my handbag but thick so it fits a lot in it. This one is the day to a page one but I think you can also get the same size with a week to a page which is a bit slimmer. I prefer day to a page for my diaries but I also do mix and match a lot as well. It depends how cute the diary is. 
Also from Typo, I grabbed this super cool retro looking cup  that says "I have a milkshake, where the hell are all the boys" I thought this was super cute and I needed something to take my smoothies to work in now that i'm having more of them in my new health kick. This baby was $14.99 and seems to be quite sturdy but we will see how long it lasts. If it does last a while I might even buy a spare one. 
Next store I purchased from was Cotton On. They had a great sale on and if I wasn't on a budget I probably would have bought a whole car load of clothes home. Alas I was on a budget but I did find these cute workout shorts in the 'body' section at the back of the store. I love love love the Cotton On Body range they have so many cute workout clothes, underwear and pyjamas. I grabbed two pairs of shorts today which were on sale for just $5 each! BARGAIN! and I really needed some new shorts to workout in now that I have joined the gym again. YAY! 
In Valleygirl I found this cream and maroon coloured top for just $5 it is slightly cropped so you can just see some tummy! It's going to very amazing when I finally get my abs sorted :P I must admit the sporty look is growing on me and I find it quite comfortable and fun. I also purchased a nice satin type flowy top also for $5 which looks amazing but didn't photograph very well. It will look really nice as a dinner date outfit so when I wear it I will show you guys.
Finally I shopped in the Cosmetics Fragrance Direct where I picked up a bottle of Guess - Night for my husband for $19 on sale (rrp $49) and I also grabbed a bottle of Beyonce - Heat Wild Orchid for the same price. I was super excited to be adding another perfume to my collection and the Guess cologne was the first one I have ever purchased for my husband as usually I can't find one that I think suits him. This one I knew I had to get for him because as soon as I smelled it it just instantly hit me as something that would suit him. When I gave it to him he said he loved it so YAY!! :D

After a great day shopping it is time for me to cook some dinner and relax with the family!

Liane xx

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