Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Beauty just around the corner......

It always amazes me what beauties you can find near your own backyard if you just get out there and look for it. I always find myself sitting and saying how boring everything around me is or how there is nothing to do. Like a child on school holidays who has no clue what to do with their new found time. 

But if I just get up and get out there there is so much to enjoy and appreciate that is so close to home. No need for thousands of dollars to go on a holiday or long trips to get somewhere nice. 

Yesterday my sister and I spent the last day together before she headed back to the UK and I drove up the road about 10 minutes away and we walked along the boardwalk at Hallet Cove beach. This place is truly beautiful and it wasn't until yesterday that I really appreciated it's beauty. 

I love that you can walk along the board walk and look out at the beautiful waves and the Coast. it is just so peaceful. It is great for working out, climbing all the stairs and it is quite a trek if you really want to walk far or even jog. I'm definitely planning on walking along once a week as part of my workout routine.

I have definitely decided that I am going to explore more around me and appreciate where I live and what is surrounding me before I complain about needing a holiday. It's the simple things that make our lives happier and more fulfilled and I want to get out there and make the most of it. 

 Do you have somewhere near you that is a little piece of heaven?? 

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