Saturday, August 8, 2015

Foodie Friday - Pranee Thai and San Churros

Last weekend we went on a little family night out with our kids and our friends and their kids for dinner and dessert. We met at a little Thai restaurant on Brighton Road called Pranee Thai. This place is so good especially for families. The staff are super friendly and the owners always come out and socialise with the customers. The food is absolutely delicious.

My favourite on the menu is the duck curry........OH MY!! it is like heaven but there isn't an item on the menu i haven't enjoyed so I highly recommend them. The prices are also amazing! so please please make sure you check it out if you haven't already, it is so worth it. The kids on the table chose salt and pepper squid and devoured the plates. It is really easy to just grab a bunch of dishes and just share amongst everyone. That is what we do every time and it means we get to try bits of everything.
After Pranee's we headed for a drive up to Marion shopping centre and had dessert at San Churro's. I did enjoy San Churro's and the food was yum yum yum but I found it quite pricey for what you were getting. I did really really like their mugs they were super cute and I did go over to their shop area to buy some but they were quite expensive so I didn't bother. The kids were in heaven here as there is so much melted chocolate that you can dip anything in haha. It was definitely a fun experience and a great place to go but it isn't something you could do all the time, I don't think.

Here are some pics from our night :D

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