Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Potential new life change

Evening Lovelies

It's a chilly day here in Adelaide and quite sad looking outside. I've been working up at my city job this morning, as most of you know I have two jobs and today was quite busy I was kept on my feet and I love days like that. My city job allows me to come home just after lunch as I start early in the morning so I got to laze a bit this afternoon and think a lot.

The last few weeks I have been focusing on getting my health and fitness to a better standard and I think I have been doing quite well. I have cut my coffee intake to just one a day and I am drinking lots more water. I am also eating more clean foods and exercising every morning before I go out to work. I am feeling a lot more energised and happier which got me thinking a bit more........today I was researching some options for learning more about nutrition and health. I'm thinking I might start a course maybe online or at an institute. I just want to be more equipped to look after myself and I think it could even be a possible career for myself if I ended up really enjoying it.

For the moment I am just looking at researching for myself and my health so I can improve but I think there could definitely be potential for more later on. I feel like I am getting older and don't have a real life goal as yet so I am in the works of figuring out what to do with my life. Maybe this is it. Who knows :p

I will definitely keep you all updated.

For now if anyone knows of any good nutrition books I might find helpful let me know in the comments and I will check them out.

Liane xx

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