Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Things that made me smile today!

I always smile when i get to watch the Brady Bunch :D This family is exactly what i try and base my family on!! they are so happy and caring....... and always trying to be so positive no matter what happens in life xx

Today i had some cookies :D always brings a smile to my face!! i LOVE cookies almost as much as the dear old cookie monster hehe.......gotta love mr cookie monster :P

While i was in the car today after a long and non positive day.......my Bruno mars cd made me feel so much better!! and how could it not....it is one of the best cd's i own!! such clever songs and can cheer me up when i feel down!!! plus the guy is pretty cute hehe.......

Ohhhhh and finally the postman made me smile today :D i get ever so excited when he brings me some parcels and now that my business is getting more orders i have to keep up with fabrics etc so i love to see the postman coming up the street!!! yay for the postman!!! if only he was really postman pat.......now that would be VERY cool :D

So thats what made me smile today!

What put a smile on your dial???


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