Saturday, July 16, 2011

Things that irritate me!

I am a very cheerful and happy person!

But no matter how cheerful an happy and positive in life you are there are always going to be things that bug and irritate and annoy and upset you....
It is just the way life goes and although i try and smile through everything sometimes i just need to get out what annoys me so i can move on!!!

So here we go............

The Haggle Guy
Ok so the guy is probably very nice and he hasn't actually personally annoyed me....but boy does he get under my skin!!! i can not stand him and his stupid adverts honestly.....how annoying can one person be! his adverts don't make me want to shop there they just make me want to avoid the store altogether and want to punch him haha...

People that love drama!

I have very low tolerance for people who love to cause drama for themselves and others!
I had somebody that i believed was a very good friend but unfortunately we had to part ways because of the simple fact that she adores drama........i just dont get it personally i mean why not just enjoy life sure life has its ups and downs and drama is always going to pop up.......but why in the hell do these people attract it on purpose.....why make life more difficult just so you can get your drama fix!!
Not only are they hurting themselves they are hurting others......Maybe they don't realise?? i have often wondered this! but i can't see how they can't realise......just enjoy life already and quit the bloody dramatic episodes trying to make people feel sorry for you and making others feel useless and unworthy!!

Fluffy Rugs and the vacuum cleaner

When i found my fluffy rug for my lounge room i was SO excited and i still do love it bits BUT the amount of dust and bits that it gathers is unbelievable and my poor vacuum cleaner has such a struggle to keep it clean.
No matter how much i vacuum it when i shake it it still has bits coming out of it!
Blah! just extra work to do around the house!!

Bus Drivers

yep public transport may be helpful when you need it but bloody hell the amount of bus drivers that have almost wiped me off the road this week alone is unbelievable.
I truly believe that they think they are the only ones on the road....either that or they just don't care if you are there or not!!

Well These are my pet peeves this week!!
Hopefully every week i can have even less as i battle life and learn from life lessons :D

So if you have something that irritates you......why not get it out and share it so you can have a laugh about and start smiling again and enjoying life xxxxx

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