Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Finding the real ME!

So you sit and wonder....."When is it going to be my turn to have the fairytale? the dreams?....when is it going to be my time to shine? When is it going to be about me?

Selfish?.....maybe.....maybe not!

My life has has been one hell of a bumpy ride and most of the time i am more than happy to just block the past away and keep on moving no matter what! other times i have just wanted to scream my lungs out from the top of a rooftop but everything i have been through i have learnt from!

My childhood started out great and then people entered it who should never have been allowed to enter and eventually things for me got too complicated, hard and depressing and i lost possibly the best years of my life.....m
y late childhood.

But i still survived! i turned 16 and i thought i was healed i thought i was OK! but i wasn't and i met somebody who i believed could fix a broken heart but i was wrong.......but still i was OK!........I was OK because i was given a beautiful baby boy! and it was my turn to protect someone and show them the world.

But i was just a baby myself and the first few years were the hardest i have ever been through! But I made it through and my little angel al
ways made me Smile :D
But 6 years had gone by and i was still a wreck!
Nobody was interested in who i was or where i was going.....
Life was just a book that had been glued together and the pages couldn't be turned!

Then came this moment.....
A Beautiful Light
A Prince Charmi
A knight in shining armour

And i found ME!
because the piece of my life, the last piece of my heart and meaning wasn't really gone it was just lost.......this amazing man had it the whole time and all i had to do was just wait for that perfect moment when that missing piece of me f
orced itself back to where it belonged!

Now every day i wake up next to the other piece of me the part i needed to be the complete ME!
life is still full of bumpy rides and i have realised that it is always going to be like that but instead of climbing the mountain alone and falling to the gr
ound breaking every bone and crippling my strength and energy i can climb the mountain knowing that if i fall down it doesn't matter because my other half is there to catch me and push me or sometimes carry me to the top!!!

now i'm stronger.......better........amazing........and appreciated for being ME and only me!! i don't have to explain myself or pretend to be someone i'm not.........now it is time to be ME....now my life truly begins!

If that isn't a true fairytale i don't know what is......

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