Friday, July 29, 2011

The Ghost & Mrs. Muir

Last night i picked up a copy of this movie "The Ghost and Mrs Muir" from my local Coles supermarket for just $5 now i have never seen this film before.....But i had to buy it for the bargain price just because it happened to have one of my favourite classic actors Mr. Rex Harrison who you probably know from one of my favourite films "My Fair Lady"
This movie was brilliant and although most peoplt tend to steer clear of black and white films....i adore them! they are so much fun and unique and this film was no different it had romance, comedy, thrills and much more....

The story was sweet and intriguing! even my fiance got stuck into it when he arrived home from work :D i would definitely recommend this film for all you classic film lovers or even if you just want to watch something a bit different!

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