Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bali Adventures Day 9

Woke up early today and had a nice shower for the last time in the amazing Manyi Village. Can't believe it went so fast. I grabbed brekky with Ross, scrambled eggs again with a watermelon juice. Rahni came down and joined us shortly after and ordered a chicken porridge which was strange looking but she said it was quite nice. While we were having breakfast a monkey came down to say hello on the breakfast balcony. I ran to get Mikey from bed so he could see it. He was a bit too late and only managed to see him in the trees and not as close as he was on the balcony.

After breakfast it was time to pack. We heard some horrible screaming noises and crying so we went outside and watched the Balinese guys trying to pull a very malnourished dog from under one of the hotel vills where it was trying to live. The sounds were awful. I don't know what happened to it after that but i'm hoping they looked after it.

Narko came and picked us up about 10am and it was very sad having to leave Ubud as it was so peaceful up there. Narko took us to a temple on the way back to Kuta which we all enjoyed. I don't know what it was called but we went there last year as well. They have amazing statues in there and it's really nice to walk around. We all had to wear sarongs to go in. There were quite a few tourists there.

Next we stopped at an art gallery which was very cool but the paintings were very pricey being originals and from famous bali artists. If I was a millionaire I would bought so many of them they were absolutely beautiful.

We had to stop at a Circle K store to get Mikey a drink and some car sickness tablets as the long drive was making him queasy. After that we finally arrived at the hotel. The Harriss Resort is very orange haha. All their decor has an orange theme which is refreshing and bright. The resort is in a great location but the hotel itself is pretty average. We checked in and unpacked and then took a wander up to the Beachwalk Shopping Mall which is about ten steps from the hotel lobby. Perfect!!

Ross got an eye test there and ordered some reading glasses and they are much cheaper in Bali than Australia. I grabbed a starbucks coffee with Rahni and it was much nicer than the last one I had. We saw some signs saying that there was a food court upstairs so we headed up there for a late lunch as it was almost 4. It was quite confusing up there but we got it eventually. Basically you purchase a food card before you enter the court with a minimum of $10 and you top it up whenever you like. That card is then used to purchase food and drinks from any of the food vendors in the court. The court looked like a cute french street but was filled with all kinds of different cuisines like Indian, vietnamese, asian, indonesion etc etc.

I ordered mie goreng with prawns but I swapped with Mikey who chose Nasi Goreng and it was too spicy for him. The food was ok but it wasn't amazing. We quickly checked out a few of the shops which were all boutique stores including TopSHop, Miss Selfridge, Body Shop, Victoria's Secret, OPI, Adidas etc. After that we all headed down to Kuta Beach for a quick dip.

Once again we were bugged for surfing lessons and hair braiding but we just politely said no and kept walking.

Back at the hotel we chilled for the rest of the night. Ross went out to grab coffee with a friend from Australia who just happened to be staying across the road. While he was out I watched tv and the kids crashed out also watching tv in their interconnecting room. The best part about this hotel is that we get our own rooms. The kids even have their own key so they have some freedom from us parents.

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