Monday, March 9, 2015

Bali Adventures Day 10

The room at the Harris Hotel was quite stuffy last night so the sleep wasn't the most comfortable. It was quite damp in the room and the smell wasn't the greatest. I woke up at 6am and just watched foxtel channels until everyone else woke up.

We walked down to Poppies Lane 1 which we had heard about from friends who have visited Bali before. We were on the hunt for brekky and we found a little restaurant called the Havana Club. The restaurant was very cool with all the decor based around Cuba and Che Guevara. I loved looking at all the pictures of him hanging around the room. They also sold Cuban Cigars in there.

After a quick look at the menu I chose banana pancakes and the rest of the table got the French toast which were absolutely massive! I also chose a cappucino to go with my pancakes but it wasn't very tasty at all. The food on the other hand was pretty damn yummy.

As we ate breakfast I watched two stalls being set up on the other side of the lane, it was amazing how fast they get them all up and running. I saw quite a few tops that I wanted to grab so after breakfast we headed over. The whole lane had gone from quiet and peaceful to a crazy packed street in just half an hour with all the stalls open and people all coming out to shop.

The first stall we went to Rahni purchased a shirt for just $4 and in the next stall I found the santa cruz top I had been looking for all trip. Ross found some Element shorts and a top so we bundled up everything for $22.

As we walked up the lane all the stalls were begging us to shop with them. One balinese lady was really begging out the front of her shop and told us that she said "please" so we all felt sorry for her and headed on in after telling her that we were 'only looking'............I ended up walking out with 3 sarongs and a wall hanging for mikey for $20 the lot. She originally asked for $13 per sarong so I was happy with what I walked out with.

Next door another lady had coaxed Rahni into her shop and sold her a top for $4 after a big struggle. She originally wanted $20 for the top but Rahni said that was ridiculous and we all learnt that day that Rahni is extremely good at haggling haha. We all came out and went looking for Ross who had gone missing, and we found him in a small store further up where a woman had dragged him in to buy some shorts. He walked out with the shorts for $6 and a pack of 3 socks for $10 and she threw in some fake Calvin Klien undies that ended up being way too small.

After that shopping adventure we were all quite exhausted and headed back to the hotel to relax by the pool. The pool area at the hotel was very good for kids. They had a basketball hoop in the pool, a kids water slide and they also had a chess table set up as well as a table tennis table. Mikey is a huge fan of both so I spent the afternoon playing games with him by the pool.

Rahni and I were keen to check out the Beachwalk Mall again so we headed over to look for some makeup supplies. We found a shop called 'Make Up Forever' which looked very similar to M.A.C but the staff in there were not helpful at all.

Another store we found had a large range of different brands for make up and much nicer staff so we spent a while in there. The staff helped us and showed us a few items but we still couldn't find what we wanted. For the rest of the mall trip we checked out:
Victorias Secret
Pull & Bear
The Body Shop

We didn't end up purchasing anything today just window shopped and then headed back to grab the boys who were playing basketball in the pool, for lunch. The streets were much more lively then they were in the morning and we wandered a bit further until we found Poppies Lane 2. This lane was even more crazy than Poppies Lane 1 and the stall holders seemed much more grabby and impatient. We just ignored them while still trying to be polite and eventually we found a restaurant called Sedako which we all loved.
I ordered a caribbean cocktail and Ross got a free Horse Neck drink. I ordered a special Aussie Burger, Ross chose the mixed Sate, Mikey picked Fish and Chips and Rahni was tempted with the buffalo wings.

The aussie burger was delicious and I ate the whole lot which is really unusual for me. After that we all headed back to the Beachwalk Mall but this time we checked out the underground part which had a supermarket and chemist.

At the chemist we were able to grab some sunscreen for $3.80 ea but it was a Vaseline brand that ended up not being very nice to put on. However all the other stores the sunscreen was ridiculously expensive so we just dealt with it. Then we headed to the supermarket and grabbed a bunch of snacks and some cereal.

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