Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bali Adventures Day 4

I decided to have a full sweet breakfast today chosing banana pancakes, pineapple and a few different mini sweet buns. So delicious! Wish I could have this buffet thing everyday forever!!
Kids were mega tired from all the Waterbom excitement yesterday so they slept in until about 10:30ish. Rahni had a headache and Mikey was just feeling blah.

Ross decided to hire a bike from the hotel today while the kids and I went back up to the Discovery Mall to pick up some snacks for the hotel room. The kids were so exhausted they couldn't even stay standing in the shop so I took them back to the hotel and we all lazed around the pool until lunch time.

Rahni's headache was really getting to her so she decided to laze at the pool for lunch and Mikey and I headed to the Kabar which was a little cafe attached to the front of the hotel where we shared balinese noodles with prawns and some juices. It was pretty much a sports bar so they had sport on tv, a pool table and the music channel playing. Mikey and I danced around and played pool for the afternoon. (That kid is way better than me at pool)

Ross came back from his bike ride, after encountering some issues with his bike, when his chain had broken so he had to walk all the way back. He had some lunch with Rahni and then headed out again this time via taxi to check out the local indoor skate park, Donkey!
Upstairs in the resort they had an internet lounge which we didn't know was there so me and the kids went to check it out. The internet cost $2.50 for 1 hour but was really slow.
There was a library in the room as well as a drinks bar and pool table so the kids played pool with some other boys also holidaying at the resort and I surfed the internet for better haggling tips.

Mikey came down hard with some sort of flu thing so he decided he just wanted to sleep in the hotel room and not have dinner. We felt bad having dinner without him but he told us if he wanted to join us he would just come out so we went to a restaurant down the end of our corridor called Ristorante Il Tempio which was an Italian style place and opened up straight on the main street. To get there from the resort you just walked down our corridor on the first floor and a small door opened up onto the kitchen which resort guests were allowed to walk through to enter the restaurant. It made us feel like VIP's. It was a beautiful place and we even had a visit from a local kitty while we were there. The lighting was perfect, the front street seating was absolutely cosy and romantic and the food was yum! Still a bit on the expensive side for Bali.

I had a vegetarian sandwich, Rahni had the special risotto and Ross tried their carbonara pasta. Mikey did join us for a short while but he was just falling asleep so he went back to the hotel room and the hostess we had kindly took him some icecream even though it was against the restaurant's rules to take food out of the restaurant. While we were watching the street we saw the theatre people across the road come out in their costumes and wave to passerby's and a guy came into the restaurant and played us violin for the evening which we absolutely loved. He was really good but we felt bad that nobody was applauding him.

Back at the room, the kids fell asleep watching tv and Ross and I headed back to the beachside bar where we met Jimmy and Michelle again and also a whole bar of Australians who were all so much fun! There was Karly and Nicole from Adelaide, Michael and his wife from Perth and Nick and Jocelyn from Tasmania. It was a great night with great company and Juni was serving us for the evening and joining in our conversations and jokes while she cleaned up.

The rain really was crazy throughout the evening with a huge storm and some guy on the beach decided to light some fireworks which were really loud. To my disgust a bat decided to come and get shelter inside the bar and was sleeping above our heads. I tried really hard to be brave and not run away but it was certainly creeping me out but he just slept up there and didn't move at all the whole time.

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