Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bali Adventures Day 3

Breakfast was once again delicious! Today I chose scrambled eggs and marinated tomatoes (wasn't super keen on the tomatoes but hey, at least I gave them a go) and I followed it all with a plate of pineapple and watermelon :)

Today was Waterbom Park day for Ross and the kids, so they were all looking forward to the day. We decided to get some laundry done in the resort's guest laundry. It cost us $2.50 for a load in the washer and another $2.50 for the dryer which isn't too bad for hotel standards. It did take a while though so Ross and I took a book to read.

*Just a quick note* For the holiday I was reading 'The Help' by Kathyrn Stockett which I have read before and LOVE (I also love the movie)

As I can't swim and don't really enjoy water parks I left them to have their day out and I stayed behind to have a day to myself.

First I walked up to Discovery Shopping Mall (of course) and while I was there I found a whole other section that we hadn't seen the day before. I managed to find Top Shop which I was super excited about because we don't have one in Adelaide (that I know of) and when I watch Zoella's blogs on Youtube she is always talking about the store. I wasn't very impressed with the small store that they had once I looked around the clothes were nice but I just think because it was such a small store there wasn't enough of a range to get excited about. I will have to wait until I go back to the UK to shop there I think.

After wandering around for a couple of hours looking at everything there was to see, I stopped into Starbucks to have a coffee and a cake. I chose a cinnamon roll which was yummy but my coffee was extremely disappointing :( which made me super sad. I headed back to the hotel, got changed and headed to the beachside bar for some Midori Splices. While I was there I got talking to the bar tender Juni who was absolutely adorable and I watched the tourists walking along the Boardwalk and the balinese selling their wares. I also was a bit peckish so Juni ordered me some Panko Prawns. Perfect way to spend an afternoon!

There was a lady called Jeni across the wall of the hotel who was selling bracelets to tourists she came up to the wall to get my attention and I said I wasn't shopping at the minute but would look later. The resort had rules that the sellers couldn't enter the property and annoy tourists but they still tried to get your attention.

Ross and the kids came back later in the afternoon (my husband will do a guest blog to tell you all about WaterBom) and I decided to take the kids for a walk along the beach while Ross enjoyed some Bintangs at the bar. It was a crazy walk. The minute we stepped out of the hotel boundary we were swarmed by sellers, putting anklets on our ankles and bracelets on our wrist and holding up sarongs. The kids were quite overwhelmed and Mikey was super hesitant about talking to any of them. The kids picked a few bracelets and necklaces and I got some anklets which we ended up paying way too much for because we all just overwhelmed by it all and there was no Ross to help us out.

We continued along the beach after that but just tried to not make eye contact with sellers and ignore those who were persisting, which seemed rude but we didn't know what else to do. The balinese all loved Mikey's hair which made him super nervous as they all wanted to play with it.

Rahni got a massage right next to the hotel for $10 which went for an hour. She really enjoyed it but she said that the other sellers were still trying to sell her stuff while she was laying there so it wasn't as peaceful and relaxing as it should have been.
The lady with the bracelets came over to the wall again and she told me that I bought bracelets from the woman on the other side and not her and now she was sad. I felt terrible and said I would come back another day and have a look at her items.

Ross and I sat at the bar for quite a whole that night and we got to meet 'Arma' the bar lady who was serving us for the evening. She was always smiling and laughing. A couple from Perth called Jim and Michelle came to the bar as well and we were all chatting away and laughing with Arma. Arma wasn't feeling very well in her tummy so Jim told her to have a shot of vodka because that cures everything and Arma laughed and said if she did that she would fall over. Overall it was a good night with great company!

It started to get late so we had dinner with the kids at the Boardwalk Restaurant which is part of the resort and right next to the beach. It was set up quite fancy. Mikey chose the seafood platter, Rahni and Ross chose Crispy Duck and I had the yummiest Pork Belly, it was so tender and the flavours were just devine. Everyone on the table stole a piece. While we were eating dinner the resort had a show on with fire dancers which was really great to watch but it didn't go for very long which was a shame.

We all went back to the hotel and ordered room service dessert which cost a lot and didn't taste as good as it all sounded in the end. The kids and I were watching a tv show in the room that was in a different language and involved guys dressed up as a monkey, turtle and goat who kept getting into kung fu fights. It was hilarious but we never found out what it was called and we never saw it again.

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