Monday, February 16, 2015

Bali Adventures Day 6

Bali Safari Day

Excitement was all around us today as we got up early and had our first breakfast at Manyi Village. Once again it was buffet style but no where near as big as Bali Garden which was kind of expected as it is a much smaller place. I had scrambled eggs on toast with a fruit platter on the side which was all very nice. It was very pleasant sitting outside amongst the rice fields.

Narko arrived perfectly on time at 10am and we started on our big drive down to the safari park.

The whole day was way more exciting than I could ever have imagined. We paid for our passes which Narko had organised for us. We chose the Leopard Package which cost us $127 each person. The package included:

- Elephant Ride
- Unlimited Safari Journey on Safari Bus
- Express Lines
- Photo with an animal 
- Aquarium
- Lunch at the restaurant 
- Animal Show
- Elephant Show (my favourite part) 
- Gold seats in the Agung Show (we missed this one)
- Waterpark and unlimited fun zone
- Souvenir Hat 

Once we had paid and received our wrist bands Narko left us for the day and gave us a phone to call him when we were ready to go home. Then we were taken up to a safari bus which drove us to the Lobby where we were given our souvenir hats, a map of the park and a timetable of all events.
First up we went to see the Animal show which the kids loved. A park attendant stood on the stage and introduced a range of animals and birds at the show. The best part was that the animals were either brought up the crowd so guests to get a closer look or in the case of the big birds, they flew in to the stage above our heads. My favourite animal was the Binturong as they looked so fluffy like a baby bear crossed with a red panda and a cat. Other animals in the show were an orangutan, snakes, cats, guinea pigs and birds.

After the show we headed up towards the elephants and watched them bathing in the water. This part was really cool we got to get right up close and see them but I was a bit nervous after one of the elephants almost knocked a kid into the water accidentally while playing.
Next on the timetable was the Elephant Show which was pretty much the most coolest thing I have ever seen in my life.

We were basically just expecting some elephants to parade around while the safari keepers told them to do some tricks etc but it was a completely whole different experience all together. The elephants came out and acted out a play with the safari keepers showing us what it was like for Elephants and why they are becoming extinct, so it was like watching them all play a game together just having fun. The elephants were entertaining but not in a feel sorry for them way it seemed like they were all having fun with their owners. There were lots of laughs and splashes on the crowd and the kids loved it as well as all the adults.

After the exciting performance we walked up to see the white tigers in their enclosure.

The elephant ride was next on the list and we were all pretty excited and I was also extremely nervous as they just looked so big and I just didn't want to fall off or have an elephant decide to go for a run. The ride was absolutely fine, although I wasn't very confident as the elephant made it's way down hill, which they do everyday as part of the ride but it was a bit daunting for me. Our elephant was named Selfi as the owner said he likes to have his photo taken.
Elephant Ride
After the Elephant ride I started to feel sick. I don't know if it was because I caught whatever the kids had or if maybe it was just the excitement and heat stroke getting to me but I was a bit blah after that and it was hard for me to keep enjoying the day no matter how badly I wanted to carry on. We grabbed our free lunch at the restaurant which was full buffet style again. We went on the safari bus tour next so that I could just sit and observe for a while. There were ropes set up at the bus section which indicated that they must get very busy there but today was pretty cruisy and we only had to wait a few minutes. As I looked unwell the park guide gave me a seat and looked after my spot in the line.

The safari ride was great. It was amazing to be able to get up close to so many animals and get photos you wouldn't normally get in your typical zoo. We saw lions, tigers, hippos, monkeys, elephants, crocodiles, camels and more. All the animals came pretty close to the car and didn't seem to care that we were there. The safari was set out in three sections which were Indonesia, Africa and Asia. It was a great tour and with our passes we could go unlimited times throughout the day 

The kids were keen to get some photos with the animals as we had photo passes. The first two passes were used on the elephant rides as we shared our photos as couples. The elephant riders also took photos on our phones for us for a small tip. We got two photos printed out and put into Bali Safari frames. Very cool! Next Rahni and Mikey used a pass to get their photo taken with the orangutan who was very cheeky and didn't seem that interested in taking photos but more doing roly poly's on the floor. Finally the last photo pass was used for Mikey to have his photo taken with the baby lion, who didn't look like a baby at all. Ross and Rahni also took photos but just with our own camera and scaredy cat Mum just watched from the side lines.

The day was a long one and there was so much to do but we were so worn out and I was unwell so we skipped a few things like the waterpark fun zone and the aquarium. On the way home I fell asleep in the van and I didn't get up for the rest of the evening. But all up this was my favourite day in Bali!

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