Tuesday, May 24, 2011

your highness

So this week my fiance took me to see a new film out in cinemas...."Your Highness" we had won tickets to see this film so decided to head on out and make it a day!

I must say this film was the silliest movie i have ever seen.....but then what can you expect when the makers of the film also made 'Pineapple Express'? The story was rather silly and not very clever....the acting was far from brilliant and the effects weren't that great.......BUT i must say i have NEVER laughed so much in my entire life! the script was just full of dirty jokes and i was in stitches with tears and all.....every 5 seconds!

If you want to watch something that will make you laugh and makes no sense at all then watch this movie.....i don't recommend taking your mother along cause it will just be the most awkward moment of your life....but if you want a film to laugh along with friends and you enjoy some good old dirty jokes......go ahead!

It won't win an oscar and it won't be talked about often.....but it is worth that one watch to just unwind and laugh out loud!!

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