Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mothers Day 2011

Me and My Mummy (1989)

Today was an absolutely gorgeous Mothers Day for me. From the minute i woke up to the minute i started writing this blog (9.46pm).

Me and my little Mikey

I woke up to my youngest little munchkin Mikey
(age 7) giving me a huge cuddle and a "Happy Mothers Day Mummy" followed by some lovely gifts...a packaged rose which is covered in soap petals....can't wait to use them in my next bath and a scented candle picked out by himself and he told me "i got you the red one because the only other colour they had was black and it looked disgusting, it looked like dirt" haha very cute :P then my fiance and my little man made me a lovely breakfast in bed (scrambled eggs on toast with some mushrooms, tomatoes and
bacon....YUM). Oh and a morning coffee...

Then i had a suprise from my gorgeous daughter (age 11), who was away for the day. Rahni had left me some presents on my bedside table......she had given me a card with 10 free hugs vouchers inside, some more rose petal soap and a fridge magnet with the words "A mother is a friend forever" nawwww it was so incredibly sweet and yes there were a few tears....

Me and miss Rahni

So after a lovely morning full of love and suprises.....Mikey started helping me get my new sewing machine started that i was given last night as an early mothers day present from my amazing fiance :P how lucky am I??
This was followed by a lovely lunch at my mother in law's house! chinese food and champagne....
After a lovely afternoon my mummy arrived and joined in the fun, my mother in law lives on the esplanade so we sat on the balcony and enjoyed the sunset.....

Of course Mother's Day didn't end there :P this was followed by coffee and dinner of Fish and Chips and a lovely chat while all the kiddies played.

Now i am finally home from a long, exciting, fun and extremely lovely mothers day and i am in much need of some sleep (i have classes to get to tomorrow and lots of experimenting to do on my new sewing machine) and my kiddies are all tucked into bed warm and snug with no complaints.

Such a perfect day and one i will never forget!

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