Friday, May 6, 2011

and they all lived happily ever after!

The fairytale dreams......that is the way i have lived my life since i was a little princess in a bubble of fantasy. When i was little i watched disney movies until my face turned blue and my eyes watered. The castle, the gowns, the prince charming who would come to your rescue whenever you needed to be saved......oh and don't forget the singing. Oh the singing was what life was all about.

Beauty and the beast showed me that you could fall in love with anyone. That the person you were meant to be with could appear in any forms and steal your heart away with a dance or just the way they look into your eyes. The fact that she loved books and running through fields singing away was enough for me to believe i could be a princess just like her.

Eventually i started growing up. But did the fairytale dreams and hopes leave me? No way! i became a teenager and started with the romantic films Ever After, Titanic, 10 things i hate about you......it wasn't so much the castle anymore! now it was all about finding your prince charming and all those adventures around the world. Finding my dad who i had never met....having the love of my life chase me through an airport trying to save me from disappe
aring forever, the proposal of a lifetime in front of everyone, flying to italy to chase down the guy that you may lose forever.....and the list just goes on. That is everything i wanted.

Then i grew up even more and reality should have set in.......But still i never gave up hope on that fairytale story. Surely it is still out there and how can you not believe it after watching films like Enchanted where the girl goes from the fairytale into the real world and finds her true love? That movie is my insoiration because i am so much like Giselle....the cute innocent girl who no matter how old i get i'm still going to believe that singing makes the world a happier place, that i can be a princess, that i can live in a castle or in a winery in italy.........where that special guy will climb up vines up to the balcony and proclaim his love for me.

This is what life is all about life is an adventure and life is meant to be full of all those precious moments that make it worthwile...........that is why no matter what i go through or how bad people make out that i should grow up and snap into my reality........my answer will be a plain NO! because my fairy tales and my belief that dreams do come true and that we all can live in that world if we just try is what i live for and without life is nothing to me!

So what if my dream isn't to earn money and own that big screen tv and that latest gadget.......my dream is to live and live the fairytale dream because i want to live happily ever after!

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