Sunday, May 15, 2011

Positive Energy!

So i know it's there.....this whole being positive will fix anything talk.....in fact i am the biggest preacher of the positive vibe and why not! it works doesn't it? well i think it does or at least i did!

But honestly!
there are days when i just think Little Miss Positive can go choke on her princess fairy floss!

Like today for instance......
waking feeling more positive than barbie and things just turn from bad to worse! from the bad driver who almost kills you on the road forcing you to become Miss road rage.....to the moment you feel like all your hard work just wasn't worth it.....followed by the bill you forgot about that decides to creep up on you at the most impractical time causing the veins in your head to want to erupt......the list goes on it was just one of those days.

So i get back to my question.......is the positive vybe function locked away in my little head really something that work? can you just think of the positive in everything? is 'Don't worry be happy' really the best way of living life?

Now that i have pondered on it........HELL YES! because if you can't push out that horribly crazy positive idea.....what chance have you got?

If that really bad lady driver hadn't swerved in front of me i never would have known just how great my ability to protect myself was (great thought to have when you know you are driving your children around)
If i never got that feeling of all my hard work being useless it would most likely have been concluded that i was totally up myself with the biggest ego on the planet.....i think i would rather fret and worry myself completely silly than think i was all that!
And finally the dreaded bill.....well if it didn't come today....well it just would have hurt even more later down the track! at least now i know it is there and con organise around it!

So Little Miss Positive lives on.....
Will she have days where positivity just doesn't seem like it is going to cut it in this cruel world?


but i'm sure i will think of a positive to get me out of that mood.......even if it does take more than 24 hours!

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