Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dishes of the week 9!


Monday ~ Potato topped Lamb and Lentil Pie
Tuesday ~ Tuna Mornay
Wednesday ~ Beef and Vegetable Casserole w. Rosemary Dumplings
Thursday ~ Honey Mustard Chicken w. Vegie Chips
Friday ~ Sweet and Sour Pork Stir Fry
Saturday ~ Soft Tacos
Sunday ~ Family Noodle Night


this week the kids have asked for some different lunches in their lunch boxes for school so i have decided to make:

Individual Roast Chicken Salad
Fish Cake Sandwiches with Lettuce and Mayo
Ham and Salad Rolls

And for the adults in the Fairytale Mansion we will be having:

Fruit Salad and Yoghurt
Chicken Sub Rolls
Ham and Salad Rolls
Tuna Salad

What a yummy week we will be having in the Fairytale Mansion :D
Can't wait to share some recipes with you all so stay tuned xx

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