Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bali Adventures Day 12

Today we opted for cereal in the hotel room for breakfast. We had purchased a few boxes previously from the supermarket and decided that a few days of cereal wouldn't hurt. Ross headed out early in the morning to gather some more information on White Water Rafting and Surfing lessons.

The surfing lessons were $35 each at Bali Sunshine Surf School and the beginner course was a duration of 2.5 hours at 2.30pm. The price included surfboard hire, shirt, sunscreen, bottled water, showers, lockers and transport from your hotel to the location.
Ross and Rahni booked in for that today and Mikey and I planned a day out for a Mummy/Son date.

We headed out to the market stalls on Poppies Lane to buy Mikey some new shorts. We ended up paying $20 for two pairs of Unit shorts. I probably could have haggled down more but I just didn't have it in me today we just wanted an easy day. Inside Beachwalk Mall we checked out the top level and found the kids zone. There were shops for younger kids all in the one spot with the Early Learning Centre, Kidz Station store and more. There was also a play group up there and an indoor playground. None of these were suitable for older kids but Mikey did find a big game arcade up there that was exactly his kind of thing. It was called Amazing........and it was just that!!

Amazing was so much cheaper than what we have back home and we purchased a $20 card that you could top up whenever you wanted and we were given a special deal of 25 credits. Most of the games in the arcade ranged from 29c - 60c and after spending about 1 hour there we went home with $14.20 on the card and Mikey was completely satisfied. As we were there so early there was nobody else in the arcade so it was good to check everything out. Mikey played a ton of games including Basketball, Mario Kart, Cooking Mama and Guitar Hero.

After our game arcade fun we grabbed some yummy treats from BreadLife. I had an apple danish for $1.10 which was absolutely devine and Mikey grabbed a cinnamon donut log for just $1.00. We had a nice walk back to the hotel and once we got back we booked in for a kids massage for Mikey ($12) and I booked in for a facial ($22) at the H'Spa which is part of the hotel.

The facial and massage was a great Mommy/Son date adventure Mikey had never experienced a real massage before and he loved it. The two treatments went for an hour so we shared a room and got to experience it all together. Mikey's massage started with a foot spa so he was in heaven. The H'Spa was nice and relaxing and the staff were really friendly and professional.

While we enjoyed our day Ross and Rahni got cheap massages on Poppies Lane together and then headed out for their surfing adventure. (Ross will review the surfing school in a guest blog for me later.)

Once our massage were over Mikey and I headed over to the mall again for icecream. We headed straight for Cold Rock.Mikey chose the Cake Batter flavour (OMG it was HEAVEN!) and I had the Rum and Raisin flavour which was okay. It was very pricey though for one scoop of icecream in a cone, $4.20. As we were eating our icecreams I noticed a boutique store called Mango which had a huge sale on inside so I went in and had a squeeze! The clothes in there were really nice but I was starting to run out of spending money so I just grabbed one cardigan that I really liked which was $50 down to $20. It was dark blue and had a really cute little bow on the back.

During our holiday I had been researching on my Ipad for good make up stores in Bali and there was one store that kept popping up called Martha Tilaar. I had spent most of the trip looking out for the store but hadn't seen it anywhere until today. It was tucked in a corner of the second floor in the Beachwalk Mall and we found it quite accidentally while heading back out to the hotel.

The lady working in the store was so lovely and extremely helpful. She helped me find a foundation product and tested it out on my face which was fantastic and at just $14.80, I grabbed some. It has to be my favourite foundation ever. It goes on so well and lasts all day. Unfortunately the lady said I can't order it from Australia so i'm going to have to work out some way of getting more later. The store was very small but I loved the range of products ranging from make up to skin care and body products. The prcing was fantastic as well. There is a table set up in the middle of the store for make up trials as well.

By the time we got back to the hotel Ross and Rahni were back from surfing and we all got ready to head out for dinner. We were attempting to go to Poppies Lane 1 again to eat but ended up taking a wrong turn. I believe we were on Poppies Lane 2 again but as we had come from a different angle it looked completely different in the dark. The street was awesome none the less and very groovy. All the market stalls were still open so we were bugged a bit along the way. The first restaurant we found had a very very cool Beatles tribute band playing and we all started grooving along in the street. Unfortunately the band was really loud so we opted to try a different restaurant to eat at.

The second restaurant we got to was very eye grabbing and the menu looked great so we stopped there and grabbed a seat. The interior was aluminium walls, crate seats, industrial lighting and big bright cushions. It was a very modern barn style and I loved it!! The staff were very accommodating and helpful.

I ordered: Pink Geisha Cocktail and Indonesian Satay
Ross grabbed: Mojito Cocktail and Beef Udon
Mikey chose: Strawberry/Kiwi Mocktail and Cantonese Fried Noodles with Seafood
and Rahni chose: Cashew Chicken and an Orange/Melon Mocktail.

I wasn't a huge fan of the Pink Geisha but my satay was truly amazing, I loved every bite. Everybody agreed that the food here was the best we had had in Bali so far. The restaurant was called Fat Chows and we highly recommend it!

Mikey didn't like his Mocktail but Ross and I loved it so much that we asked the staff to make us another 2 with vodka added and they happily obliged. They also packed up the kids leftovers so they could take it home as they were so happy with the meals they didn't want to waste them.

After dinner we went back to the game arcade so Mikey could show Ross and Rahni. We all played 4 player Pacman which was a ton of fun and we had a great adventure in the photo booth. We spent the rest of the money on the card and it was all well spent. It was a great night and everyone was happy. The arcade is packed at night time and the atmosphere is much better than during the day.

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