Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bali Adventures Day 11

I didn't have a very good sleep last night it was quite stuffy in the room and I had to go to the bathroom a few times, I had the worst stomach cramps. There was also a gecko on our ceiling which was fine while I could see it but quite untrustworthy when I lost it in the middle of the night so I spent most of the night wondering where it was and if it was going to crawl into my bed and eat
me.......yeah these thoughts really do occur to me.

I woke up at 6.30am and still no sign of the gecko. We all lazed around until about 9.30am watching tv. We found a show called Pranked and Ross and I really enjoyed that.

We all headed out for a wander and walked up Kuta Beach and all the way up to Kuta Square. It's a really nice walk up there and there is so many things to just observe. We saw a bunch of Balinese workers building the start of Jamie Oliver's restaurant - 'Jamie's Italian' which I was excited about because who doesn't love Jamie Oliver??

Then we went back to Matahari's Department store on Kuta square. Mikey found a touch screen watch that he just had to have and as they were 50% off we got one for him. It was only $17. I checked out the make up department and finally found the right colour make up for my skin at the Revlon counter. It was 3 bottles of Revlon Colourstay for $37.80. The store is really nice to walk around as they have the first floor full of stuff that they sell outside in the markets but you don't have to have the haggling part of it. They had about 4 different floors in there and it was full of clothing, make up, toiletries, shoes, luggage and much much more. The only issue I had was with the perfume staff as they were quite pushy sales people.

After Kuta Square we found a supermarket where we purchased some drinks. I tried a Nescafe Caramelicious cold drink in a small carton and Mikey tried strawberry milk in a can. We also ended up grabbing a box of 6 donuts for $2.60.

Outside of the supermarket there were more markets stalls selling sport tops and hats. We found a Liverpool shirt with Gerrard on the back and Ross grabbed a Tottenham shirt. The owner tried to get us to pay $75 for both but we got him right down to $20 as we knew they were fakes. After that haggling session we walked back down to Kuta Sq and we found some more market stalls on the other side. We weren't intending to go down there but a guy insisted that we have a look at his shop because he had great prices......We had to follow him down an alleyway to where his shop was and he was basically just selling tshirts. We purchased a Santa Cruz top and Ross got an Obey shirt. His great prices were $35 for both which was crazy so we got him down to 2 for $10. He had a friend down the alleyway as well who sold jewellery so they took us on another walk to his hop and Rahni purchased some earrings which he tried to charge $75 for saying that they were real silver. Rahni got him down to $12 in the end. I told you she was good! We just had to remember that the balinese won't sell to you if they won't make money on the item.

After that little adventure down alleyways we found a shoe store that were selling fake brands like Nike, Converse etc but Mikey had a really sore earache so we left for the hotel.

Ross headed off to find a chemist and grab some eardops by grabbing a scooter. The guy lied to Ross telling him that the chemist was a really long walk so Ross paid him money to take him. The chemist was in quick walking distance so Ross told the guy he had to drive him back as well which he did.

Mikey had a big rest for the rest of the day sleeping in the hotel room and the rest of us headed back up to Beachwalk to find some lunch for us all. We had a quick look around and then grabbed some Burger King for lunch so we could take it back to the hotel for Mikey. We all got whoppers and some onion rings which were so much nicer than the Hungry Jacks ones we have at home. It all cost us $21

Ross and Rahni headed out to the pool area to read their books. Ross got a new book fro Christmas which he is really enjoying called "Wool" by Hugh Howey and Rahni is reading the third installment of The Hunger Games series.

Mikey and I also headed out to the pool area once he was feeling a bit better and we decided to play cards together followed by a round of table tennis. Later on the boys jumped in the pool and Mikey danced along in the pool to the 'Harris Moves' which was a daily activity you can join in hosted by the hotel. They also have Yoga in the morning.

At dinner time we headed up Kuta Beach strip again and found a restaurant called Luna Negar which is actually part of Beachwalk Shopping Mall. We decided to splash out a little tonight and we shared a 4 person seafood platter which consisted of prawns, calamari, a few fish varieties, haloumi, vegetables and we also got a serve of fries. It was a beautiful meal and the restaurant was lovely and in a great position. Unfortunately Kuta Beach is surrounded by a big wall so you couldn't see the actual beach very well.
Beachwalk Sign
Roos and I decided to have some cocktails. I wanted to have something I had never tried before or even heard of so I picked the Grasshopper and the Side Car and Ross chose Hawaiin Blue. The Side Car was my favourite of the evening.
Mikey chose a mocktail called Strawberry Candy which he thorougly enjoyed and Rahni picked a Luna drink.

On the way home we popped into the underground section of Beachwalk and found a lingerie store called House of Wacoal which had amazing prices. The boys left us in there and we went crazy. I picked up 2 bras at 70% off so one was $5.40 and the other was $7.50. Rahni grabbed 2 at 20% off so they were $20 each. They have different sizes in Bali so it took us a while to work out what we needed but they were open late so we just took our time and had fun. We are incredibly happy with our purchases.
Rahni and Mikey playing in the escalators underground

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