Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sometimes In April.....

yesterday i watched a film that was absolutely heart breaking and incredibly emotional.....i had never heard of the film before....i was just looking through the drama section at the local video store and for some reason it jumped out at me....my eyes were bright red and very sore from me trying to wipe away tears.

Sometimes in April

The story of the Rwandan Genocide that occured in 1994.
Now i knew from watching 'Hotel Rwanda' that something crazy and unbelievable had happened in Rwanda but it was too americanised for me to fully understand the actual story of what actually happened.
This film made me want to stand up and research the story even more. In fact i have even found my topic for my Modern History Individual Essay.......

I might be completely stupid or just never had it shoved in my face but i never knew that something on this scale had ever happened after world war II and the holocaust....how wrong was i?......i think because in 1994 i was only 8 my mum probably distracted me while it was on television but still i feel ashamed i didn't know more about it....now it is my mission to understand it more.

Now back to the actual film.....you can tell i liked it.....but not in an entertaining way....i cringed and cried so much i don't know if i actually enjoyed or more was so interested it didn't matter. This is definitely a film that should be watched by everyone.....but be prepared with lots of tissues

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