Saturday, June 25, 2011

Following That Dream!

When i was a little girl i had lots of dreams

to become a princess
to get my prince charming
to become a mummy
to have a palace
to meet robbie williams
to be a famous singer and model and actress
to find the fairies in the woods

Then i became a teenager and my dreams changed (but not much haha) my dreams then were to

be a princess and find prince charming
have a palace
meet robbie williams (and marry him)
be a famous model (i decided i didn't enjoy being an actress and singing was only good in the shower)
to get to university
to find my real dad

And when i got to 16 years of age life took a crazy turn and i didn't think i was going to be able to have any of my dreams.....i had fallen pregnant and i was never going to be able to live my life the way i wanted. And for years i was miserable and the only thing that kept me smiling everyday was bubbly bouncing and cheeky little boy :D he kept me going everyday and made life seem worth it again.

Then i turned 22 and life took the biggest turn ever! i got my dreams :D
I found my prince charming who treats me like a princess every day
I already my dream of being a mummy but given an even better outcome by gaining a beautiful daughter
I was given the confidence i needed to kick start my life again (something i never thought i would be able to do)

Now i have some new dreams but this time i know that with my amazing family with me i can achieve them all:

To get married
To finish school and get to university or even better a decent job
To be succesful in my handmade business
To be the best mummy i can be and the best wife :D

Dreams can come true! you just have to smile and never ever give up hope!

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