Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just Freeze It!

Today i had one of those days where i just felt like everything was too much....now it is in my nature to enjoy lazy days but there are many times when i wish upon that star that i had something to keep me occupied.

My wish came true.....
Be careful what you wish for!!

Now it seems from that one wish that i have everything to do.
Mummy duties have sky rocketed as my kids have endless needs and most importantly need my attention as they start interacting with the world and need advice, guidance and just someone to care.

Housework is building up like no ones business because i'm slowly running out of time to stay on top of it! But someone's gotta do it! So i try my best to plow on...

My year 12 studies are not only keeping me busy but also adding the biggest stress that honestly i just really don't need right now! with attending classes, remembering exams, keeping up to date with assignments and just plain old trying to pass.....i'm turning into a miserable wreck

Then we have my lovely facebook business Polkadot Bitz and Pieces which is slowly getting off the ground and although this keeps me very busy as i try and keep up with orders and stock for market it seems that this is the one thing that i am entirely happy doing....it is this kind of organisation and creativeness that describes me....that shows who i truly am and who i want to be......i have found my passion and my dream. and i wouldn't give it up for anything!!

And then finally there is my one and only.......After working through my daily life routines the one thing that completes me.....My amazing Fiancé, doesn't get the attention he deserves. With him at work working just as hard as me (maybe even harder) it seems we never get to hang out like we used to and i miss that!
I miss the dates we used to have time for...
I miss the coffee's we used to share..
I miss the walks we used to take....
I miss the trips we used to enjoy together...

Sometimes i wish i could just freeze the world and enjoy it!

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