Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Jamie's Italian, Robbie Williams Tickets and Busy Days

Lots has been happening in my crazy life the last few weeks, I haven't even had time to shave my legs properly let alone blog about anything so I have been missing in action but i'm pretty sure nobody really reads my blog entries so i'm sure nobody missed me.

I am working 6 days a week now which is keeping me insanely busy and I am also still trying to get my business Little Leelee's Kitchen up and running properly. (I'm getting my business cards sorted this week hooray!) I have never worked so hard in my life so I am pretty damn exhausted and I am really missing my husband and kids because I never get to see them and the small chances I do see them they are all doing their own thing and I feel like there is no quality time anymore. I will be trying to work on that asap because my kids are growing up way too fast and they will leave me soon and then I really won't have time with them. I don't know how i'm going to manage it but I will.


Years ago I used to go on dates with my husband pretty much every week and we were always out and about but the last year or so we have stopped our date days because of work and other commitments or we are just too busy lazing around because we are too tired or can't find anything to do together that we both enjoy. I have decided that this has to end because I love my husband a huge amount and I miss him so much especially our little dates.

If you read my last blog post I had booked a table at Jamie's Italian in Adelaide and I used that to kick start our new date nights. We are going to try and do something really nice together every month at least. This was round 1 and it was amazing!! 

I was super excited for Jamie's Italian and the whole night was totally worth waiting for. The only time I could get was 5pm so it was a pretty early dinner for us but we were sat down straight away and given a lovely waitress called Kate who looked after us the whole night. I absolutely loved her she was friendly and engaging and gave us plenty of ideas for what to choose, she was super bubbly and happy and she made you feel like the whole of Jamie's Italian were super happy to have you come for dinner. She made our whole night memorable.
The food was AMAZING!! and just what I was expecting, it took me a realllllllllly long time to choose from the menu. Normally when we go out for dinner I see two or three things I can't decide between but that night it was the WHOLE menu that I was trying to toss up between. I think I need to go to Jamie's every night of the month so I can try everything.

We ended up going all out and ordered two entrees to share. I picked the bread platter which was yum yum yum! but very simple, it was basically about 4 or 5 different kinds of bread/breadsticks and some oils to dip in. Ross chose the pancetta entree salad (i can't remember exactly what it was called) and it was DEVINE! we were fighting each other for the last pieces on the plate.

For the main I picked the Barramundi special that they had up on the board. I have never had barramundi skin so I can't compare but OH MY the skin just made the whole thing worth every cent. perfect and crispy! Ross ended up choosing the Osso Bucco I believe and he devoured it so fast. I managed to steal a small mouthful and it was pretty damn yummy but still not as good as my Barramundi :P We both really wanted to get dessert but we were sooooo full we couldn't manage it as we also got the funky chips on the side of our mains and a side salad. (I thought the funky chips needed just a little more flavour punch - but i'm picky with fries haha)

After dinner we walked around Adelaide city at night enjoying the surroundings and checking out some of the late night shopping on Rundle Mall. I managed to drag the husband into Lush and bought my very first Lush bath bomb! I'll let you all know how that goes later..........

To finish the night off we headed to the cinema to see the new Mad Max movie. I was a bit funny with this one because it didn't seem like my kind of movie but it had Tom Hardy in it and I am a sucker for the hotness that is Tom Hardy so I agreed to watch it. I am SO glad I did because i'm pretty sure it is the best movie I have seen all year. SO GOOD!! I was on the edge of my seat for most of the movie and I just didn't want it to end. So cool and so actiony!! that is all I have to say.........just watch it please!

My husband also completely made my week this week by...........wait for it...............

BUYING ME TICKETS TO ROBBIE WILLIAMS!!!!!!!! Holy crap you do not understand my excitement, I have been squealing all week. For those of you who know me I am a HUGE fan and have been since I was 8 years old so yep you can say I'm way excited. I only seen Robbie live once as the second time he was here I was broke and the third time he didn't even bother coming to Adelaide so this is like a dream come true. 

And that has been my life for the last couple weeks. I'm definitely going to blog more again and do more things for me so that all this work and life doesn't kill me. 

Liane xx 

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