Friday, April 24, 2015

Cold Days

This morning I woke up to the sound of rain outside my window which would be the greatest sound in the world if I was laying in bed all rugged up and not leaving the house.

I am so in love with rain it's not funny.

I love the way it sounds and the way it makes you want to rug up. I also love the feeling of snuggling on the couch and watching tv with the heater on and a hot cup of steaming coffee in my hand.

What I don't love is getting out of bed on a freezing cold, rainy day and getting ready for work. It just doesn't go together at all. But you are probably seeing where I am going with this. It's exactly what I had to do.

I did manage to squeeze in some brownie baking before work.....I'm that cool :p 
I wanted to try out a gluten free brownie recipe I had found. This here is the very last one from this morning. The rest got gobbled up so fast I didn't even get to photograph them all. 

Once work was over it was time to come home and just chill out! 
I have been working super hard this week so this weekend is all MINE to enjoy and I am so so so happy and lucky to have it off. I'm going to enjoy every second. 

I have lots of things on my to do list so I might get a few of those finished this weekend. I have my munchkins 12th birthday coming up so I have to get prepared for that. We are planning a Taco Fiesta Party! I will definitely keep you all updated on that progress. I also have my Besties little girl to birthday shop for which I'm excited about. 

Then of course we have Mother's Day to get ready for and I am also in the middle of some knitting and sewing so lots to get done but all things I am excited about and consider 'down time' isn't that crazy haha.

The best part of my day today was booking a table for me and the Husband's date night! We have decided to have a date day every week but I want to do something super special at least once a month. For the month of May I have chosen to book a table at Jamie's Italian in the city and let's just say I am SUPER excited. We haven't been yet and I have been dying to go since it launched here. It has been way too long a wait and today I just went for it and booked that table.....eeeeeek! Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Jamie Oliver so I'm a super happy lady right now :) 

And that's about all for today folks. 
I will be blogging a lot more now. I'm hoping for everyday but we will see how I go. 

Ciao xx 

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