Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sickness Blues, Love Tanya and Life Goals

For the last week, I have been sick. Who knows what I have, i'm not a person that willingly goes to the doctor when I can avoid it. I probably should go because my head feels like it is stuffed full of mush and I can't hear out of one ear but i'll just see how the next few days pan out and if i'm not all better.....then I will let my husband drag me down there by my hair. I promise.

The sickness has made me a complete misery guts this week. I just want to rug up and do nothing but suck on butter menthols, whinge and watch countless episodes of grey's anatomy and cold feet. But alas, I have been at work all week. Which is probably why i'm such a sookie lala. It has been a hard week BUT I have done it! I crawled out of bed every day and just pushed my way through the pain. I'm extremely tired but I am also extremely proud of myself.

Plus I get the whole weekend off at the end of next week so I can relax and watch lots of episodes of blissful television series then and I will have enough money to buy lots of junk food to binge on at the same time. Winning! :)

Something super cool did happen this week in spite of all the sickness. I had a package waiting for me one day when I got home from work and boy oh boy was I a happy sick lady that day.......

I got Tanya Burr's new book 'Love Tanya" eeeeek

I waited weeks for this book to arrive and it was so worth the wait. I love watching Tanya Burr's vlogs on Youtube and reading her blogs but to have her book is something else. It is very nicely written and is such an inspiring book for teenagers.
I know, I know......it's been a while since I was a teen but even I find her inspirational and her book is jam packed full of awesome tips for makeup, skincare, healthy living, hairstyles, living in general AND recipes!!! Yep anyone who shares recipes is a hero to me :D
I haven't completely finished the book yet as I haven't had a lot of time this week BUT I did enjoy a cup of tea while reading the chapter on make up and I can already see a real difference in my own make up skills.......in the way that my make up now looks good haha. If you haven't seen Tanya's vlogs on Youtube I highly recommend it (here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/user/pixi2woo) and make sure you check out her book which I believe you can buy in stores in Australia or via online book stores.

So back to me again........While I haven't been working, sick or reading, I have been working on my new business venture baking goodies. It is a slow process but I am certainly not giving up EVER! I love cooking homemade goodies, it really makes me so happy and I think I have finally found my real passion. I know I have spoken about this lots of times on my blog so I won't blah on but I just wanted you all to know that I am still progressing and loving every second.

Some of my goodies are now being sold in a local cafe which is AWESOME news for me and I can't wait to keep branching out. One day soon I will be able to do it full time and I will have completed my life goal :) Independence!

That's all from me today.
Have a wonderful week and you will be hearing from me very soon
Ciao xx

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