Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Yep I have become obsessed with Pinterest recently!
I absolutely love it and spend hours of my time just browsing all the wonderful ideas and pics just wishing for the day when I can have everything and visit everywhere! it is like the new chocolate and soppy romantic movie to cure a woman's blue days :D

Well this week on Pinterest I have taken a particular interest in some ideas for the kids!
and gosh! there are a lot.....here is a peek at some of the things I enjoyed and hope to make over the holidays to help organise the household better and entertain the kids...

The Journal Jar: love this idea...fill a jar with all sorts of topics for kids to write about in their journal. I'm very big on writing in my house and my kids are getting to that age where they should start keeping journals! or fill it with homework ideas!

This one is also a great idea "Tech Tickets" don't know if my kids would like me but basically each week you give the kids 10 tickets and each ticket is worth 30 minutes of technology. T.V, computer games, internet etc. You can use the tickets whenever but once they are gone that's it!......great idea for kids who spend too much time in front of a screen :D