Thursday, April 21, 2011


When i was a little girl family traditions were the highlights of my life!
Sunday roast dinners with my Grandma and the family, watching carols by candlelight together on Christmas Eve, Easter Egg hunts on Easter, watching singing in the rain on my birthday every year.

All of these traditions are so important for children to be able to enjoy family time and celebrate life together. But a you grow up you lose those traditions as they don't seem as important or they just seem childish.

Now i am a mummy i realise how much i want these traditions back. Not just the traditions i had but also new traditions that i have been able to create for my family to enjoy. So my new resolution is to create new family traditions for my family!

Singing in the rain on my birthday is a tradition that never grew old or changed :P and how could it?? how could i not enjoy sitting with the people i love watching such a classic film full of dancing, giggles, singing and love xx

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