Monday, April 4, 2011

The positive of having an injury.....

Today my true clumsiness decided to come out and play........I twisted my ankle, hurt my knee and wrist and bumped my head! golly gosh i was in the wars today. Well because of my twisted ankle i have had to hop everywhere and as that is not very safe or comfortable i spent most of the day on the couch.................what could i possibly find positive about a day like that??

Well for a start i got to play Saints Row 2 on xbox because there was no kids here to fight over it with hehe and secondly it gives you a lot of time for thinking which meant i was able to come up with lots of new ideas for my store Polkadot bitz and pieces! and i really can't wait to get started and then of course show you the final products :P

So a day that started out painfully with tears and ouch's turned out to be a happy and exciting day! there is always a positive for everything you just have to find it xxxx

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