Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Week!

A lot has been happening in my palace this week. I have been busy busy busy organising my Once Upon A Market. Which involved typing up, printing and folding up all the info for my welcome packs which all got distributed to each stall-holder. Then I had to fill out lots of forms and ask lots of questions as i went through the insurance process and ABN process. There was also lots of Polkadot Bitz and Pieces work going on which included an overload of sewing and gluing, which resulted in my poor hot glue gun blowing up! 

But throughout my busy week I found time to appreciate some simple things!!! 

This week we had some lovely rain in Adelaide and everybody knows that I love love love the rain. And as I was typing away on my computer I saw a little friend Mr Snail who popped out to say hello next to my back door :) And I just had to get a pic!

I can't wait to get some more rain soon :) i'm definitely a winter girl!!

While it was raining I got lots of work done as well as lots of baking. Because we all know that baking is so much more fun when it is raining out. I also got to rug up on the couch with my Heat Pack (which I make at Polkadot Bitz and Pieces) and I got to read my books and catch up on the latest movies.

Another thing that brightened up my week was my Kitty, Tsuki!! She is growing up soooo fast from when we got her near Christmas last year and when she isn't whining at me food she is my best friend always coming up for a cuddle and trying to help me sew........which doesn't really work she just pulls all my threads apart and then looks at me with this dopey face! haha It is lovely to have her as part of the family! This photo was taken of her when I had a headache in bed and she came in for a snuggle.........

On Tuesday we had a dinner party with my Mother in Law. And oI just had to try one of the Jamie Oliver 30 minute meals out again! and once again it was a huge success!! and loved by everybody. My fiance and I worked together to create Tasty Crusted Cod with Mashy Peas and Warm Salad (with a tartare sauce on the side) Oh my gosh that Tartare sauce was delicious I won't be buying tartare sauce ever again!!!  

As you can see my mashy peas didn't turn out too good as I actually forgot to buy peas so it was actually just mashed potato and broccoli with some mint added in there!! delicious all the same!! but next time I won't forget to buy the peas :P

And lastly to end my week! I sat with my mummy to come up with a pattern for some drawstring bags to add to my Polkadot Bitz and Pieces range. And this is what we came up with. I am so excited! and so far they have been very popular at my markets and online! I can't wait to make some more!

So that was some of the highlights of my week! I hope your week was just as eventful and enjoyable!! 

Liane xx 

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