Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Spreading Some Love.......It's not that hard!!

I have noticed so many times over the last few months that people in general just seem to have lost respect and love for each other.

I noticed an old lady who had dropped her shopping in the middle of the mall and people just wandered past pretending she wasn't there.......My little mikey ran straight over and helped her pick everything up! (what a sweetie hehe)

Another thing i noticed is the way nobody smiles anymore or says hello......everyone seems to look so grim and miserable or they just want to stay out of everybody's way!!

Come on people...............

This isn't what life is supposed to be about!

So from now on i am going to be spreading some love......and i'm getting my family to join in too....

Every day we are going to do one good deed for someone.....it doesn't have to be big.....

Maybe we could:
Lend someone an hand
Give someone a smile
Listen to someone who needs some advice
Help a neighbour
Be positive

It really isn't hard to go out and Spread some Love
and maybe if we all pitch in the world will start becoming a brighter place!!!

Join in and every week i will have a spread the love Blog......where i share some of the things my family has done throughout the week to make someone else smile! because life is no fun if we just think about ourselves xxxxx

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