Friday, August 12, 2011

It has been a long week in the land of Me Myself and I......i have had to think alot about life, work harder than ever and keep up with all the sicknesses that seemed to magnetise themselves to my family.

The result was that i was a terribly grumpy, tired and overwhelmed mummy!!

But now it is time to pick myself up and start again!

Life isn't supposed to be easy and you have to work for what you want.....finding out what you want is the hard part and let's face it i still have no idea what i want for my future but i do know what i want now and that is to be happier, healthier and be successful at my business as well as being a great mummy :D

So first step.....to be happier right now i need to get my other 3 things ticked off my list:

Healthier: I get told all the time by family, friends and strangers that i don't need to diet or exercise because i am already too skinny.....well it is time to tell them they are wrong......just because i am skinny doesn't mean i eat healthy (i am the biggest junk food eater around) and it certainly doesn't mean i am fit.....turns out i can't run to the car without getting puffed out and even reading out loud i get exhausted.........so my mission over the next month is to get healthier and i have started by buying zumba and starting out on some workout routines and finding nice places to walk. I will also be cutting down on chocolate and fizzy drinks etc

Success: I love my home business a lot.....in fact it is all i do all day just because i love being creative and making other people smile.....but it does take some time to get successful at a home business and to turn it into a full time job.....so from now on i am going to make better decisions, work harder and think like a professional. Putting even more pride and love into my work.

Mummy Skills: Trying to fit in workouts and working hard at my business as well as house duties and everything else it sometimes doesn't leave much time for me to spend with my lil munchkins so from now on i plan to have more outings with my kids on weekends and take time out to pay them more attention every day because honestly they are the reason for everything i do and they deserve the world :D

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