Friday, January 28, 2011

julie and julia

so today i was thinking about all the movies i have watched in my life and how most of them i forget the name of after a few years....i go to recommend them to a friend and i can't remember or i remember the name but nothing else!

so my point is......from now on whenever i watch a movie i am going to write about here.....not only movies but also books :)

so first movie is julie and julia

When i first saw this in the video store i didn't think it would be very interesting but i picked it up anyway because honestly i love the acting of Amy Adams she is amazing in every film i have seen her in.

The film blew me away! i was so intrigued i couldn't take my eyes off the screen. how many of us women have wanted a dream to come true....to aspire to do what we love? this film shows that if we just put everything we have into something we can acheive anything! the acting was brilliant from both amy adams and meryl streep (although her french accent kind of annoyed me after a while). This was a fun film and i think every woman should see it. It even involves blogs....which also got me thinking that i need to update my blog more hehe xx

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