Sunday, May 30, 2010

Today i feel like a brand new woman.
i went to the local career expo to find out what exactly i should be doing with my life. the last few months have been giant leaps for me. Going back to school has been a true blessing for me.
and now i am thinking of university study and not just that but studying law!!! i never would have thought of it 7 years ago when i quit high school but now i believe i can do anything.

It is amazing how much your mind thought alters as you get older!!
Now i am witnessing first hand how much somebody can change just from ageing and also being around the right people in your life.
I am so blessed to be where i am now and to have the people that i now have in my life.

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  1. you are doing a great thing, and you should go to uni. my mum started uni at 45(ish) and got all the way to doing her masters. if she can do it so can you