Wednesday, May 19, 2010

growing up :(

Well last week my little munchkin turned 7 and while i ran around frantically looking for presents and organising a great birthday party for my special boy i didn't take the time to realise what exactly was happening.
My little baby boy was growing up.

Of course to other people growing up is normal and i should have accepted that by now but unfortunately a kid going from 1 to 2 or 5 to 6 just doesn't seem the same as a child turning 7. i didn't realise this until the following night when i sat down after a hard and busy day and just observed my child playing.

He wasn't sitting out in the lounge making funny noises or running around wild or even chucking a temper tantrum in which i would sigh and go and sort it out. No. He was sitting peacefully at his desk in his room building his new Prince of Persia lego. Now i know most kids do this on a regular basis but my child doesn't. normally he would have lego and he would get annoyed that it would be too hard and turn it into a gun or he would get bored of it and walk away.

but now he is 7 and for some reason this simple lego building hit me hard in the stomach. my little baby is gone. and it hit my harder later that night when i put him to bed and instead of the normal "night mummy" and a kiss i got a different routine "please don't squeeze my cheek mum i'm not a baby anymore" and then a kiss on the cheek followed by "night mum see you in the morning" he then switched his own lamp on pulled up the covers and settled in.
A tear rolled down my cheek how does a child grow so fast and where exactly did my time with him go to.

it took a few days but i realised my little man wouldn't be 7 this year if i hadn't had spent the time to help him grow and become the champ he is today.
we have had a wonderful 7 years with some troubles along the way but we always stuck together and pulled through.

now we have many more wonderful years to come and i finally realised that my little man is going to keep growing. i just hope that we will keep the relationship we have.

growing up is going to be the greatest adventure of all :)

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  1. bautiful post babe. i can empathise with you. cant believe how fast the time goes, we need to enjoy it , every moment