Friday, October 19, 2012

Well I have started once again to try baking. I always fail at something and then I lose my joy of baking. It has been a while but I was out shopping and found a groovy little book in Target called "The Easy Way Baking" and I just couldn't resist buying it. I'm pretty sure there is nothing in there that I don't want to bake so I am on a mission to bake everything in the bloody book. (Let's see how long the mission lasts) 

I went out and purchased some awesome little kitchen gadgets like cake pans, flour sifter, icing spreader etc etc and a whole load of ingredients. 

Today I started on a Classic Chocolate Cake. If it turns out well I may do a post it on it so stay tuned :P and cross your fingers haha. My daughter begged me to bake some Blueberry Muffins so I will be trying some of them out over the weekend too. 

Any way apart from baking there have been a few other changes in my fairytale. I decided a couple of weeks ago that all this technology surrounding our children these days is absolutely destroying their social behaviour and so I am making a much bigger effort to spend more quality time with my kids and get them more active and social. Last week we had a 3 day ban of computers and it was AMAZING!! We played board games together as a family, we went for a family walk down to the local water catchment, we played outside and we started a puzzle. It was lovely to see my kids in a non zombie state and it was a huge reality check that computers and technology really are distracting us from what really matters. 

Sure things like Facebook, Blogs, Pinterest etc etc etc are all wonderful, entertaining and great connections to people everywhere. But what about the people around us? There was a time when the streets were filled with laughing children and we all gathered together for morning teas, sewing classes, coffee, book clubs and so much more. Now everything is done online and gathering together is slowly being eliminated. Maybe that is just me but I refuse to let it continue and so I am on another mission to get out and enjoy the world. Going out and enjoying the places I keep gazing at on Pinterest. Baking for friends so we can have morning tea instead of 'chatting' on Facebook chat, Hanging out with my kids more instead of letting them turn into zombies........The list is endless really. 

Today I picked my kids up from school and instead of heading straight home and getting stuck into the tv or xbox we headed down to the beach to enjoy some icecreams and take a stroll in the sand and the sea. It was a simple act that was beautiful and enjoyable. Really thats what living is all about. Those simple things. 

Tomorrow we are planning a trip to the zoo. Which we haven't done in years! and boy! am I excited!! 

Keep Smiling and Spreading the Love
Liane xxxx

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