Monday, July 9, 2012

My Week!

 Some of my favourite things that happened last week........

Well first up, I was very excited to be able to curl up on the couch with my favourite blankie and enjoy a nice cup of tea and some nibbles while watching 'This Means War" I was very excited about this film as it has one of my favourite actors, Mr Tom Hardy!! and the excitement was worth it as I loved every second!! especially the seconds involving the very hunky Tom Hardy in a suit hehe :P

Later in the week I did some fabric shopping on my favourite site, ETSY!! woot!! As I am trying to expand my business and get some more grown up products out I had lots of fun choosing some beautiful fabrics.......2 cups of coffee and 3 hours later and I was very pleased with my online shopping efforts including these two gorgeous fabrics!!

 I have been very interested in changing the kids lunchbox ideas for some healthier alternatives so I was extremely happy when I came across a blog for "The Vegie Smugglers" where I purchased this FAB E-Book! 'The Vegie Smugglers lunchbox planner' it is absolutely fabulous and if you have children I highly recommend it!! Now I can't wait for the school holidays to end so I can get started on some of these great ideas :D Make sure you go and check out their blog as well it is amazing!! Just click here

Not only do I want the kids to be healthy but I also started on some health kicks this week for myself as well. Inspired by my fiance who loves fitness, I have started to get back into some exercising! 
Last week I managed to fit in some Cardio and Zumba!! all in my own home and I feel better already! I also started a work-out diary which I hope to share parts of with you all here :D so keep an eye out for that! and wish me luck! My workout fads usually only last a week but I would really like to see it through this time!!.......Gulp

For my weekend thing to do I managed to get out and about in the town and checked out Pipsqueaks Market! I missed the first grand opening market so I was very excited to be able to go and check out the Winter Wonderland one! I picked up some yummy Oreo Pops from Cute Treats stall and also brought home some yummy pickled watermelon rindfrom a stall called In A Pickle! It was delicious with crackers and cheese! YUM! Pipsqueaks Market was a super cute boutique market and it was filled with some gorgeous items from local adelaide businesses! You can find all the info about the market here!

 And finally my weekend came to an end with me buying Season 1 of Downton Abbey.....I had never seen it before but have been interested for a while......and boy did I enjoy it immensly!! I finished the whole season and am now dying for season 2 to come out.....eeek! and I think I am in love with Mr Bates......

 Liane xxxx

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