Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Too much to do, Too little time

It is getting to that part of the year where I just get completely bombarded with everything to get done and deadlines galore! my head is full of dates to remember, essay's to complete, items to finish, christmas and household duties.

How am I supposed to cope this time around?

I have exams coming up in November which I am slightly (actually majorily) freaking out about.

I have markets galore (almost every weekend until christmas) which I need to create stock for and plan for as well as a stack of orders I need to complete and post off, which is absolutely great and what I wanted from my little business.

I have appointments, exam dates, essay due dates, kids excursion dates, market dates all running through my head screaming at me.

I have Essays that are due ASAP or in the next couple of weeks that I have to plan, research and complete.

I have new ideas for my business to plan and finish.

I have Christmas fast approaching.......eek.....present requests are already coming in from the munchkins and gift ideas for family and friends are already in progress including some that I have decided to handmake........what was I thinking!.....

I have the house to organise.....which looks like a bomb has hit it as I am trying to organise and throw things out! something that I should have been done a long time ago! and now i've started I have to keep pausing to complete other tasks....aaaggghhh

Basically the race is on!
Can I do it? well I certainly don't know but I do know that I can damn well try and try with pride and a smile on my face!!! :D

sometimes things just get too much. But if you push through with a positive attitude and a smile at least you'll succeed in knowing you are in control.

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